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RadioActive Sales Development Services, Inc. is owned and operated by Frank Kulbertis, a media veteran of more than 30 years. Frank has worked in nearly every capacity in radio, television and advertising from on-air to sales to management to ownership. In 2001, Frank’s outstanding record of success led to his creation of RadioActive Sales where he uses his experience and unique ideas to assist his clients in maximizing their sales performance. Incremental increases in local direct revenue are achieved through enhanced performance in the following areas: Individual Sales Skills, Management Effectiveness, and Sales Programs and Initiatives. In addition, RadioActive Sales helps its clients provide advertisers with website design, search engine optimization, social media marketing and other digital media services, as well as professional copy writing and commercial production.

Frank is a world-class presenter and professional trainer. As Director of Sales and General Manager of radio station groups in the United States, he has had tremendous success in growing revenue—particularly at the local direct level. He has spoken at numerous broadcast industry conferences and has written dozens of articles for industry publications. Frank speaks to thousands of business owners and managers across the U.S. each year about how to make advertising work. His public speaking abilities electrify a room and captivate both advertisers and salespeople alike.


  • Speaker at conferences of the National Association of Broadcasters, Radio Advertising Bureau, Canadian Music Week and numerous local Chambers of Commerce and networking organizations.
  • Published writer for Radio Ink and R&R magazines.
  • Real world experience creating and leading multi-station radio sales teams to record-breaking numbers since the “early days” of consolidation.
  • Media veteran since 1983 who has experienced nearly all facets of the industry from weekend radio announcer to award-winning TV broadcast journalist to local ad agency operator to radio cluster Director of Sales and General Manager to independent trainer and consultant.