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Long Term Programs

A base of year-round incremental billing is essential to a successful sales operation. The Positioning Project builds this vital foundation for your stations and, at the same time, provides a valuable service to your local business community. The Positioning Project is an intensive new business development program that uncovers hundreds of prospects in business categories that are typically underserved within the radio industry. The Positioning Project helps your team maximize station inventory by securing annual contracts with small and mid-size local businesses in need of a way to differentiate themselves in a cluttered marketplace. Positioning Project advertisers get a comprehensive marketing plan that includes an ongoing reach & frequency radio advertising schedule, complimentary commercial production by one of America’s top creative companies and a free digital tool custom built for their business. Imagine the impact an extra $350,000 in billing would have on your year! In addition to the Positioning Project, we have other long-term initiatives designed to help you grow billing by getting more from your current clients.

“Positioning Project” Workshops

  • Sales of 12-Month Marketing Plans with free Digital Tool included and national-quality Commercial Creation provided at no charge

Year-Round Sports Sponsorship Platform

  • Annual Ad Campaign with Game/Team Sponsorships

Digital Products and Services

  • Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Online Video, Responsive Websites, Mobile Websites, Online Directory and Reputation Management and Mobile Apps