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New Hires

How Advertising Works

  • It’s All About Results
  • Elements of a Successful Advertising Message
  • Call-To-Action vs. Image/Awareness Advertising
  • Repetition Means Retention
  • Vertical vs. Horizontal Frequency Scheduling
  • Advantages of Radio vs. Other Media

7-Step Sales System

  • Prospecting and Appointment-Setting
  • First Meeting: Qualifying and Building Rapport
  • Client Needs Analysis
  • Media Plan Development and Proposal Writing
  • Proposal Presentation and Handling Objections
  • Closing and Managing Expectations
  • Service and Collections

Planning for Success

  • Pre-Call Planning
  • Daily Activity Planning and Time Management
  • Planning to Make Multiple Goals: Monthly Projections
  • Looking Ahead: Benefits of 60-90 Day Focus