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Short Term Programs

Every sales organization has gaps in their revenue stream. Filling those holes is the purpose of our 3-6 month short term programs. These unique sales initiatives bring your advertisers “bells and whistles” that your stations may not normally have available, and we provide everything you need for successful execution on a turn-key basis. These programs can be ultra-focused on specific business verticals or have broader appeal to most advertising prospects. Think about a $50,000 spike in sales during one of your typically slower periods!

Online Lead Generation Contests

  • Gives sponsors more than advertising exposure, each gets qualified leads from contest entries
  • For Home Improvement, Automotive, Health & Fitness, Holidays, etc.

Listener Loyalty Programs

  • Social Media Based Rewards Program with Sponsor Tie-Ins
  • Sponsors provide coupons and gifts for loyal listeners, delivered via Facebook and Twitter

Turn-Key Awareness Campaigns with Digital Collateral

  • Share valuable content with listeners, support local causes, and secure sales revenue
  • For Disaster Preparedness, Shop Local, Charities, Community Efforts, etc.